What Else Could a Bookstore Be?

Reimagining bookstores, a collective of bookstore owners, leaders, booksellers, authors, and publishers is set out to re-envision what a bookstore can be.

With a mission of ensuring a bright future for bookstores and their community of stakeholders, the group’s goal is to have the role of a bookstore be a civic center, facilitating conversations between different groups of people to create a sense of community and collaboration instead of division and separation.

Why is this needed? An average of about 200 independent bookstores close every year. In 1993, the American Booksellers Association (ABA) had 4,700 member stores. By the start of 2009, the number had fallen to 1,600.

With declining sales and a dwindling consumer base, this organization is fighting to keep independent bookstores alive by having them be more than a place to buy a book.

Over 20 bookstores from across the US have already joined the movement.

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